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This is the real time clock option of the LAB-8/E System. This system was a package for implementing laboratory type installations. It included a AD converter, a point-plot display, a digital I/O interface, and, finally a realtime-time clock.

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I used part of the package during my PhD time at the ETH (the clock and the AD converter). In the thumbnail you can see the AD8A converter at the top and the DK8-EP clock at the bottom (two boards). The DK8-EP also had inputs and outputs with trigger levels (so called Schmitt triggers). These connections do not make much sense in an emulator and so I have only emulated the clock part. This is easily tested because the standard test program consists of two parts , one only tests the clock.

A description of the clock is seen in an extract from the 'Small Computer Handbook, 1972'. The engineering drawings are also available: DK8-EP Drawings

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