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The KE8-E Extended Arithmetic Element (EAE) for the PDP-8/E enables the central processor to perform arithmetic operations at high speeds by incorporating the EAE components with the existing central processor logic circuitry so the two systems operate asynchronously.

The option consists of two QUAD modules containing circuits that perform parallel arithmetic operations on positive binary numbers. It includes the registers and control logic circuits described in pages of the Small Computer Handbook.

The engineering drawings are shown in KE8E-EAE Egineering drawings.

We acquired this option rather early in our experiments, as we did not have the money for an FPP (Floating Point Processor). Later on the PDP-8/A offered a new, and cheaper, implementation of this FPP.We had to do quite a lot of curve-fitting and FFT (Fast Fourier transforms) and the little extra computing power of the EAE was welcome. Some of the procedures we used in our research were taken from a study done in the ETH computing department.(Fast Fourier programs)

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