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This device was not part of my PDP-8 installation. It was included because it allows a better format for displaying output than does the TTY interface. It also allows some other features that will be explained under Emulator.LE8E.

The name LE8E refers to the interface, not the printer itself. DEC offered a range a line-printers:

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LP02 Printer

The LP range hammer-type lie-printers: LP02, LP05, LP08. These printers were produced by "Data Products"

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LP05 Printer

I have used some pictures available from the Web to illustrate these devices.

A manual appropriate to these models is shown in the included LP08 Manual.

The LS range of dot-matrix printers was produced by Centronics (of the well known Centronics interface).

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LA180 Printer

Finally the LA range of also dot-matrix printers made by Digital: a representative model is the LA180.

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LA36 Keyboard

Similar models were produced that had a keyboard.

The hardware specifications of the LE8E interface are shown in the included LE8E Engineering drawings.
The hardware specifications of the option board M8316 for a PDP-8/A is shown in the included DKC8A Option board Engineering drawings.

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DKC8-AA M8316

This option board had an implementation of a 12-bit IO (somewhat similar to the DR8E 12-bit IO I have in my possesion). This 12-bit option board can be configured for the LPSV printer handler for both LA180 and LP02 printers via the SET LA78 and SET LA8A commands.

My emulator Emulator.LE8E for the line-printer implements both devices. This permits some nice features which will be detailed there.

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