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Fanfold papertape

This device was not part of my PDP-8 installation. It was included because this is the only way to exchange binary data with the outside world. I have used some pictures available from the Web to illustrate this device.

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PC04 frontpanel

The front panel shown on the left shows the fan-fold paper-tape reader on its left side and the punch in gap besides the switches.

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PC04 top view
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PC8E interface

The outside device was called PC04, and had a single board Omnibus interface, as shown on the right. A top view is shown on the left.

The hardware specifications is shown in the included PC8E Reader-Punch Engineering drawings.

As I only had the reader on my TTY, I did not have many paper-tapes in my possession. All software was purchased on Dectapes. In the mean time all paper-tapes were lost in the moving.
As an example a picture of such a paper-tape is shown at the left. Digital images of papertapes obtained from the Web (or produced by myself) are shown under PDP8.Tests.

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