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SI3040 frontpanel
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SI3040 backside

In 1975 we got a hard-disk drive, finally! It was a non-standard "non-DEC" drive. The controller was build by a company called System Industries . I found an old ad describing the company's qualities!.

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An old ad

In the left-most picture you can see the drive (built by Data Recording Instrument Co Ltd (UK)). Over the drive the black front-panel of the controller. In second-left picture a view of the back of the controller. From bottom to top: the drive, the controller, and the power supply. For a detailed view of the internals see SI3040 exploded.

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Some 4043 disks
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SI3040 interface

It used the standard 4043 or 4044 cartridges as shown in the picture on the left. All disks still turned out to be readable (after 20 years!) and these were converted to the M43 format The controller naturally had a bus interface as shown on second-left picture.

These disk had a format/size very similar to the RK05 disks, the difference is a slightly bigger size. An extract from the ETOS manual shows this difference: ETOS RK05 description and ETOS SI description. The drive we have is 100 tracks/inch, the one shown for ETOS had 200 tracks/inch.
The Non-system OS/8 driver shows that we only accept 6260 octal blocks instead of the possible 6300, in order to be more or less compatible with RK05. Use the ConvertDisk program for converting to and from RK05 format.

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