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TU56 frontpanel
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TU56 backside

The TU56 Dectape drive was acquired relatively early in the project. We started off with some papertapes, but this turned out to be an impossible venture. It was the TU56 as slightly modified for the TD8E 'Simple Dectape' configuration.

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TD8E interface

It was a poor-man's version that did not need the positive interface, but only a single board Omnibus interface, as shown on the right.

The hardware specifications is shown in the included TD8E Dectape control Engineering drawings.

I still had about 170 Dectapes in my possession, and these were converted to the PXG format. Use the ConvertTape program for converting to and from DJG format. The astonishing thing: only 5 tapes were unreadable, all the rest were converted without error!!. The tapes were between 30 to 25 years old!!.

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Some Dectapes

A picture of some of these tapes is shown at the left. All Dectapes in PXG format can be found under PDP8.Software.

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