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ASR33 teletype

We started with our computer configuration by doing input via the standard teletype.

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Visual 200 terminal

At a later date we acquired an Visual 200 terminal which was a clone of the DEC VT52 terminal.

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LA120 terminal

In my later job I used both the LA120 terminal for printed output

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VT100 terminal

and the VT100 for interactive work

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TEK604 display

At a certain point in time we also implemented a home grown interface to this TEK604 display. It had the capabilities of the VC8E interface, enhanced with a character display ROM.The instructions for this display were as follows: VC8X IOTs.

Some hardware specifications is shown in the included TTY Engineering drawings, VT52 Maintenance manual, VT100 Technical manual.

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M8655-KL8JA interface

Also included are the specifications of the original TTY interface and the M8655 interface .

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