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First steps:

Here are some instructions for starting to use my emulator:

  • Getting some disks or tapes:
    • Create a folder on your computer. Download either disk or tape image from to this folder.
    • Good starting point: Under Software/Disks/Working Build-11-03-07.m43 as Disk or under Software/V50/Build Build-1.m43 as Disk.
    • You could also download a tape image such as: Software/V50/Build Build-1.pxg as Tape.
  • Mounting either disk or tape: (get files from aforementioned folder)
    • Tape: Use subsystem 'TU56 Dectape'. By right-click access Menu, mount PXG tape image on Unit 0. Switches Remote and Write-Enable.
    • Disk: Use subsystem 'SI3040-M4043 Disk drive'. By right-click access Menu, mount M43 disk image on Unit 0
  • Bootstrap system:
    • Use Main subsystem 'PDP-8/E Panel': By right click access menu, Select appropriate Boot procedure.
    • 'TD8E Tape' if Tape has been mounted or 'SI3040 Disk unit 0' if disk has been mounted.
    • System should bootstrap and an initial prompt on 'VT100 Terminal' shows that system is ready.


  • LP02/LA180 Subsystem
    • This subsystem emulates a line printer.
    • In my configurations the LPSS handler is usually not configured.
    • Instead two handlers EDOU and EDIN are configured. (Because of space: handlers full)
    • EDOU writes to the subsystem like LPSS would
    • EDIN reads from the same subsystem: not very line-printer like...
    • But very handy: it lets you transfer text from your PC to an OS/8 file.
    • Try it out!!!


The source can be found under:

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Page last modified on February 24, 2022, at 03:09 AM