File: HEADER.HL of Tape: Sources/Other/new-16
(Source file text) 

HEADER.SV is a program for creating DECSYSTEM-8 header blocks which
are used as a machine-readable identification of each media 'volume'.
The header information is stored in block 6, which is the last block
used by the directory.  For small devices such as DECtapes or floppy
disks this block is never used.  For big disks, however, the header
block may ultimately be overwritten, in which case the header infor-
mation will be lost, but no other deleterious effects will occur.

The descriptive information about the volume which is written by the
program can be printed with the directory listing by the DECUS ver-
sion of DIRECT (DIRECT-V7B) using the /H option.  This is the prin-
ciple use of HEADER.SV for many users.  HEADER.SV contains its own
built-in 'help' file, so just respond with a 'Y' for help when run-
ning the program.